Critical reflection on my facilitation of learning

Reflective essay on facilitation

In addition, the use of varied styles of instructional design, have helped me to understand the importance of creative teaching strategies such as the use of computer technology. Someone presents inaccurate information or strays away from the focus of discussion.

Tolle says that your goal or vision is already a reality within you, on the level of mind and feeling. CM Downie and P Basford eds. At times the radiographs are of poor standard and it requires training to be able to identify errors such as improper positioning of the required anatomy.

The third strand which is the sub-stratum which is the discovering and exploration of the assumptions, beliefs and value judgments that underlie the events and the ideas which emerged in the first two strands. That is the creative use of the mind, and why there is no wanting involved. Espeland A and Baerheim A.

Reflective essay on facilitation

This for me, is a fundamental part of coaching. Also other technical factors that affect the quality of the image which the physiotherapist needed to understand were discussed.

Additionally I asked him what, in his own perspective, could affect the quality of radiographs that came to him. These are the benefits and usefulness of the session, the experience itself and suggestions for improving the use of the strategy in my future programmes.

Reflective essay on facilitation

The visionary is about innovation and telling the whole truth. The resources were radiography books on the topic, library, Internet, colleague radiographers were available for him to utilize any time. The learner identified was a postgraduate student in physiotherapy who had complained about his difficulties in evaluating X-ray images radiographs.

I had also prepared my teaching aids which were in the form of radiographs, flip chart and overhead projector and a hand out. Similarly, with facilitation training at Wits, these values can be incorporated into any kind of facilitating including coaching. This paper is a descriptive narration of a reflection on action after a piece of teaching which formed part of a fieldwork education activity.

Before parting I gave a general overview of what we have done so far and allowed him time to reflect and also give his comments through an evaluation form I gave him. The clinical learning environment: I understood his point and I took time to explain to him why understanding the process of image formation is important and how it also relates to the rest of the objectives.

Critical Reflection On My Facilitation Of Learning.

Reflective essay on facilitation

ill look at how my role as a mentor can facilitate learning and promote effective assessment in practice and also explore my role to. These were noticed and considered upon critical reflection of critical incidents aided by the utilisation of a learning log which kept track of how I was managing my learning.

Consciously and deliberately, time was taken out to focus on my performance during the course; as is the emphasis of this essay. Reflection is a way of examining practice through series of critical and creative thinking which allows one to comprehend the reasons of some actions during practice and make a move to either improve on a positive situation or correct some negative actions.

Facilitating Reflection

[Google Scholar]) approach to action research I have undertaken a critical enquiry and self-reflection of my AL facilitation practice, with a specific focus on enabling AL members in managerial roles to solve complex problems.

This process has enabled me to gather empirical evidence of the practice of AL facilitation and how this can support. Facilitating Reflection: A Manual for Leaders and Educators As a student leader, a future educator and a member of my community interested in community service and service learning, I found this manual to be a helpful guide to understanding and implementing reflection.

Reflection is possibly the most important part of service and definitely. Critical Reflection On My Facilitation Of Learning. ill look at how my role as a mentor can facilitate learning and promote effective assessment in practice and also explore my role to support the students who are failing.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC a), defines “the role of a mentor as someone who facilitates learning, supervises and assesses learners in practice setting.”.

Critical reflection on my facilitation of learning
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